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Welcome to Pip & Lola's Everything Homemade. Here in our tiny abode we specialize in "barely-scented" naturally scented and colored cold-processed and hot-processed soaps. It is very important to know that all of our soaps are handmade. We will offer up many of the same soaps throughout the year but bear in mind that our stock is refilled (and therefore made) a number of times throughout the year and this means variations in the color, shape and appearance of the soaps. Even though the same processes are being used this doesn't guarantee the item you receive will look exactly like the photos. We do our best to ensure consistency in the product, but there will be little differences because it is being created by human hands (and isn't that one of the wonderful things about handmade soaps?).

Standard packages will include ANY soaps from our over 100 varieties such as Philip, the Queen's Rogue, Lavender Fields Forever, Compass Rosemary Spearmint and Rose By A Nose. This includes shampoo bars and facial bars.

Dude packages will be more "man-friendly" and include more of the spicy soaps and no florals. This includes shampoo bars and facial bars.

Vegan packages will exclude any soaps that contain goats milk, beeswax or honey. This includes shampoo bars and facial bars.

I began making handmade soap as an alternative to the beauty/bath bars on the market. Those bars are actually detergent based & strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it dull, dry & itchy. Personally, I suffered from psoriasis on my scalp and no matter what combination of shampoo, oils, creams and lotions I tried, it kept coming back. I made my first batch of handmade soap as an act of desperation. Within DAYS, the pain and tightness and flaking disappeared and those bald patches started healing and allowing my hair to grow back in naturally. I am not making a “medical claim,” I am merely stating what handmade soaps did for me.

The soap making recipe consists of water, lye and oils. Combined together the chemical process is called saponification; a hydrogen, oxygen, sodium and fatty acid reaction. Final product has no lye and is super-fatted with skin nourishing oils. The by-product of this process is glycerin. Glycerin behaves as a natural humectant - it draws moisture from the air into your skin. The vast majority of commercial soap makers extract this beneficial ingredient.

Each bar is blended by hand and made with top shelf vegetable-based oils for an eco-friendly product, safe for the whole family. Just keep them away from young eyes. These soaps are NOT tear-free.

I include a sample size soap free with every order. You will receive a variety differing from what was delivered in your package.

The soaps will be any of the following varieties:

After Dinner Mint
Aloe All Over Shampoo
Becca's Bees and Bovine
Blushing Rosemary
Chamomile Calendula
Chamomile Shampoo
Chamomint Tea Soap
Cocoa Butter Scrubby
Coconut Salt Bar
Compass Rosemary Spearmint
Cup o' Chai
Cup of Joe Kitchen Soap
Darling, the Goats Ate the Lavender Again
The Dread Pirate
Get the Crud Out Facial Soap
Goat Milk Cocoa Butter
Goat Milk Cocoa Butter Scrubby
Goat's Milk Back To Basics
Grand Exspearmint
Gypsy Lemon Rose
Hey Rosemary, Orange You Lucky
Honeyed Oats & Goats
Kali's Conundrum
Khia's Favorite Old Hippy
Lady Z's Ginger Limeade
Lavender Back to Basics
Lavender Comfrey Shave Soap
Lavender Fields Forever
Lavender Lemonade
Lavender Tea Tree Shave Soap
Lemon Poppyseed
Lemon Seaweed Spa Bar
Licorice Lather
Lilah's Lavender Castille
Lola's Lavender Oats
Luscious Lavender Workhorse
Mug of Mocha
Lainy's Nettlemint
Next to Normal
Oats & Honey
Oh Honey, It's Time to Milk The Goats
Orange Dream Shampoo
Orange You Glad For Wisdom
Pale Ale Shampoo
Pale Ale Soap
Peppermint Back to Basics
Peppermint Mocha
Perfect Pomander
Perfect Pumpkin Pie
Philip, the Queen's Rogue
Pip's Piquant Petals
Porter Beer Shampoo
Porter Hand Soap
Real Men Wear Pink
Rose by a Nose
Rose By Any Other Name
Rosemary Peppermint
Sami Silky Shea Soap
Sheena's Snowflake
Some Enchanted Evening Primrose
Soothing Scents Shampoo
Soothing Scents Soap
Spearmint Splendor Shave Soap
Stinging Nettle Shampoo
Sweeney's Clove Shave Soap
Tantalizing Tea Tree Shampoo
Tea for Two
The Last Midnight Facial Soap
The Workhorse
Things That Make you Go Bzzzzzz
Twin Mint (No Relation)
Vino di Merlot
Whiskered Wisdom Shave Soap